Unravelling an Office Chair’s Value

For designers and architects, budget is a key factor when planning a fit-out project. In fact, in any kind of project, budget will be the first thing to consider as it helps set expectations when it comes to the extent of spending allowed.


“Will I be able to maximise my budget if I source this furniture in bulk?


“Will I lessen the spend on ‘this’ to make way for another spend?”


These are just examples of various questions that can come up during the whole planning process.

We’re no expert when it comes to spend as we’re just here to assist in providing chairs for your project. But what we do know is that we go beyond just supplying chairs.

That is why we’re here to share how our chair’s package compares to other manufacturers.

We hope this simple breakdown of our chairs’ inclusions helped you understand the value that we can offer.

In conclusion, we leave you with this simple question:

“Do you think you’re saving more or are you spending more?”


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