Capisco Fitout Seating: What We Learned in 2020

After a crazy and challenging year in 2020, all of us here at Capisco Fitout Seating had the chance to reflect on the good things the year brought us. Specifically, our key learnings from those turbulent few months and how it made us all stronger both individually and as a team.


“There is no rainbow without the rain. This year has taught me to love, to listen, to care, and to help. It is good to get things done on your own, but it is better to get through it with someone. Phone calls, emails and text messages mean a lot more these days. Pick up the phone and reach out to someone”. -SA

Compassion is an expression of understanding and caring for another individual. Because of the pandemic, each one of us learned how to treat the people around us with more sympathy. Simple things such as checking up on each other while we were all working from our own homes meant a lot – be it through call, text or WhatsApp.

Isolation, worry, and stress were a few of the things that each of us were going through so knowing that we had a team to count on during tough times made everything much more bearable.



“I have learned that you need to be able to adapt to changing situations and change”. -TR


“I’ve learned to focus on what I can control and by doing so I have become flexible and agile with changes both at work and with my personal life”. -AS


“I learned that embracing change and learning how to adapt is essential for both the business and its employees”. -HV

Grit means having passion and perseverance amidst hardship. Without a doubt, most businesses from various industries experienced adversity in the past few months.

What sets our team apart is our dedication to succeed no matter how hard things may seem. On our most difficult days, we constantly tried to find ways to get back up and adapt to the new normal so we could continue our mission of providing zero backpain in the workplace.



“I learned the importance and value of face-to-face interaction in regard to productivity and efficiency”. -HT


I learnt that a successful business is built on the integrity of its employees, the value proposition to our customers and maintaining a strong future relationship”. -TJ


“I learnt that there isn’t any substitute for communication & in uncertain & testing times there gets to be increased communication” & “speaking rather than emailing / messaging is just so much better!” -JM 

As cliché as it may sound, teamwork is everything. Being able to actively incorporate teamwork within the company, despite the world’s crazy state, is something that we’re proud of as a business. Having the sense of shared responsibility and a single goal is what kept the team intact and stronger. Because of this, a feeling of accountability, self-accomplishment, creativity and joy within all of us has been nurtured and reinforced.


Going into 2021, we are stronger and more appreciative of the year ahead than ever and are more than thrilled to be working with all of you in any way we can.