2021 colours of the year announced!

Pantone, best known for their colour matching system, releases several colours that they predict will be popular in the upcoming year – whether it be in the architecture, fit-out or apparel space.

Last year, pantone shade 19-4052, or simply called ‘Classic Blue’ was selected. This is a deep blue shade that was referred to as a comforting and relatable colour.

Photos taken from: Pantone.com & Icon Interiors

Curious to know what the colours for 2021 are? Pantone have selected both ‘Ultimate grey’ (a pale grey) and ‘Illuminating’ (a soft yellow tone).

Photos taken from: San Diego Union-Tribune

The chosen colours work so well together as the bright yellow shades evoke feelings of optimism while the grey tones speak more of composure and resilience. Hence, reflect on the challenging year that was 2020 that we were all able to overcome.

If you’re thinking of incorporating these colours into your 2021 designs, we highly recommend our Italian Collection Chair with the shell 7502C which offers a subtle yellow or go for our upholstered Italian chairs that can be customised with soft grey fabric making for a comfortable and aesthetic breakout or boardroom chair.

The Italian chair can be made both with and without armrests and a range of different bases such as a swivel base, ensuring that it will suit any office fit-out requirements you may have.

As seen in the project photo below, the upholstered Italian Collection Chair is simple but combined with a pop of colour, looks very striking.

RT Edgar Toorak Real Estate’s office fitted out by Icon Interiors

Moreover, our wing chair is a fun design, available in yellow and is ideal for kitchen, waiting or breakout style seating. Adding colour to breakout spaces through furniture can be an interesting way to create a work environment in which creativity and collaboration blossom.

We hope both the colors ‘illuminating’ and ‘ulitmate grey’ sparked some inspiration and design ideas in you. Because at Capisco, any design you may have can be achieved as we customise chair materials, colours and features.


We look forward to helping you make the most of the 2021 colours of the year. Happy yellow-grey New Year everyone!


Explore the Italian Collection Chairs and Wing Chairs here.