The Storm: A Task Chair Favourite

Why is the Storm chair a regular favourite when it comes to task seating?

Quickly listen to Tariq’s demo of the Storm chair to find out why our clients find this chair special.

The Storm chair is a regular favourite when it comes to task seating simply because of its contemporary design and adjustable lumbar support. The Storm chair comes in options ranging from height adjustable arms, black or alloy base, seat depth or drafting height adjustment.

See sample projects below:

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4 Simple & Beautiful Home Fitout Ideas

Are you currently designing a home? Or are you simply looking for ideas for your next home fitout? Either way, we’re here to help spark some inspiration in you!


While Capisco is mostly known for commercial office fitout designs, our team also has experience working with residential architects and designers. Spaces such as the home office, study area, living room and dining area are among the most important areas to consider in designing a home.


Given this, we’ve listed 4 simple but beautiful design ideas that you can use for your next home fitout.


1) Executive Style Office

Working from home has become more prevalent, especially these last 2 years. As a result of this, a lot of work-from-home employees have invested on creating a comfortable and productive commercial office fitout designs.

We highly recommend an executive style-looking home office. What you’ll need are dominant dark tones around the room in order to give off a very luxurious and classic overall feel. A modern sleek desk partnered with our Rhythm chair would be the perfect combination.

This photo is courtesy of Home Tree Atlas

Our Rhythm chairs are available in various genuine leather options: black, tan, navy blue and olive green.


2) Double Desk Style

Plotting a work from home or home study area can sometimes be space consuming. That is why a good way to utilise your home is through an L-shaped desk area or a face-to-face desk. The goal for this commercial office fitout designs is to accommodate 2 users in your office without it seeming too crowded and messy.

In order to maintain space, our Italian collection chairs are the perfect range for this kind of design. The Italian collection is an elegant chair, that can suit both an adult and a child for your office and study. It’s space saving, robust and can come in different styles, depending on the look you’re after.

This photo is courtesy of Lushome and Skylab

3) Minimalist and modern dining

Without a doubt, the dining area is one of the most crucial spaces in any home. It’s where everyone in the household come together and it sets the tone every time there’s food on the table. That is why you can never go wrong with a minimalist and modern design. Having either a round or rectangular neutral table will go well with a neat and sturdy Laugh chair. You can be creative with the colour of your dining chairs as long as it complements the overall palette of your home.

This photo is courtesy of Nexus Designs                  
(Note that these are not our Laugh chairs but are exact lookalikes)


4) Vintage and Rustic office space

If you are working on a fitout for someone who runs their business from home, then being extra creative is a must. After all, they spend most of their time in that space and will need as much inspiration as they can. A vintage and rustic design is a good way to go! Mixing up different shades of wood plus leather colours are just what you need.

For the final look, pair your vintage desk with our newly released Bronze vegan leather Soul chair to give off that boss executive chair feel.

This photo is courtesy of W Design Collective


For more chair options for your commercial or residential fitout, feel free to browse through our full range on the link below:

You can also reach out to to request for our pricelist or inquire about our chairs.

Get to know our House Fabrics

While it has been highlighted that Capisco Fitout Seating offers custom upholstery services to office fitouts and office fitout furniture designers, it is still vital and important to familiarise yourself with our wide range of house fabrics.

Our house fabrics come in various colours and material types to cater to the office fitout design and office fitout furniture you’re after. We have chosen these colours due to their popularity and how they blend well in common workplace environments.

Mesh & Task Seating

It is available in a standard fabric upholstery.

It really is a matter of preference and design, but our Black seat upholstery is the most popular one. Most fitouts prefer this over other colours because it is easy to maintain and goes well with other colours used in the whole fitout.

Boardroom Seating

The Rhythm chair is commonly used in executive boardrooms and meeting rooms. Specific to the Rhythm Chair, you can go with the below cowhide leather standard colours:

1) Cowhide leather

    • Black
    • Tan
    • Navy Blue
    • Olive Green


On the other hand, the Italian collection is popular for meeting rooms where associates can have brief 1–2-hour meetings and huddles. For this chair, you have the following standard options:

1) Warwick

    • Warwick Augustus Armour
    • Warwick Augustus Wolf

2) Cowhide leather

    • Tan
    • Olive Green

3) Vegan Leather

    • Black

4) PP Shell

    • Black
    • Milky White
    • Cool Gray
    • 7502C
    • 502C
    • 559C


Waiting Room Chairs

Laugh chairs are mostly used for training, conference and waiting rooms. Specific to the Laugh chairs, you can have it in:

1) PP Shell

    • White
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Black


2) Woodgrain shell

3) Black upholstered shell

For the ottomans, it is readily available in the following standard colours:

    • Blue fabric
    • Grey fabric
    •  Green fabric


We hope this quick rundown was helpful. Remember not to restrict yourselves with these colours and fabric options! We have no limitations when it comes to custom upholstery. All of our chairs are suitable for office fitouts and are a guaranteed furniture investment.


You can either reach out to us for a specific material/ colour that you’re after and we’ll help you find the right fabric, or you can easily send us the fabric you have in mind, and we’ll go from there.

Capisco Fitout seating offers various chair types to suit the needs of interior designers and fitouts.

For more information, you may email or call 03 9020 7299.

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Real Leather vs Vegan Leather: How different are they?

Let’s start from the basics. Leather is a natural product made from animal skins that have been tanned. On the other hand, Vegan leather is a material that mimics leather but is a manufactured product.


What is Real leather?

Real leather comes from animal skin of cows, sheep, goats, or pigs. These are the common ones but there are number of variants out there to choose from. These animal skins undergo a process called “tanning” which prevents the decay of animal skin.

Tanning is a ground-breaking process where the animal skin is soaked in water for a long time, along with plant residues. What happens here is that the animal skin absorbs the dissolved tannins from the plant residues and then converts the skin to resistant leather. There are different types of tanning processes, but this is the most basic and most traditional way of creating leather.

Pretty interesting stuff, right?

Now why should you choose leather?

Photo taken at our factory in Regional Victoria.

Leather is known to be long-lasting, durable, and breathes. In our case, since we’re chair manufacturers, leather has a high resistance to tearing, stretching, and bending, – making it a good material for chair use. Since chairs are used for long periods of time and is exposed to different environments, leather is a plus as it is resistant to ageing and extreme temperatures.


This then makes it the best investment for offices who wish to have chairs that last a lifetime.



What is Vegan leather?

Vegan leather or PU (Polyurethane) leather is a type of leather whose material is man-made and created from artificial / plant products instead of animal skins. They’re most commonly made from plastic polymers. They’re a great alternative and are cost-effective because they’re meant to look like natural leather and even comes in a variety of colours, patterns and texures.

In fact, you won’t really be able to tell the difference at first (unless you’re an expert on this field).

Vegan leather may be different from the real leather, but it does have a few similar qualities too. They don’t last forever but will last a long time if used with care. It may also discolour over time when exposed to too much sun.

Here’s a trivia: did you know that Vegan leather is water-resistant? This means that your chair is safe in places where water is prevalent.

With this in mind, Vegan leather isn’t so bad at all and is a surprisingly useful alternative.

To inspire you, check out below some of the chairs that we offer in both real leather and vegan leather. Our customers and clients who have purchased either one of them were very happy and pleased.

Rhythm, Italian Collection, Power, Memory Replica, Soul and Ottomans

(Kindly note that the Memory Replica high stitched is now phased out. Medium stitched is our only available size)

If you’re looking for something else, Capisco offers custom upholstery on all of our chairs. So if you have a specific fabric in mind, we’ve got you covered.


Send us an enquiry via the link below:





The new chair to watch out for: Memory Replica

When Capisco Fitout seating first started back in 2010, one of the first few chairs we manufactured were the Memory chairs. The Memory chairs were sought-after for its classic look, giving off both a mid-century and modern sophisticated look.

Due to popular demand and today’s rising trend for modern and classic boardrooms, we’re launching the Memory Replica chairs.

The Memory Replica range is a departure from the traditional solid seat shell and evolved to support a stretched seat back suspension. They are the finest quality American Designed chairs available in Australia, taking the classic model, enhancing durability and comfort to deliver an iconic range of work chairs for the modern workplace and boardroom.

So if you’re fitting out and designing a boardroom space, the Memory Replica chairs could be one of your options.

Boardroom chairs should be made to last and not sag. Premium quality is a prime consideration for this chair design as they are a “slung upholstered” style of chair. This means that unlike almost every other chair, they don’t have a solid seat base structure. Cheaper & poorer quality replica chair models “sag’ over time, and eventually the stitching comes apart rendering the chair useless.

For your peace of mind, the Memory Replica chairs are built for life and covered by our industry best, factory backed Lifetime Warranty.


“Premium quality is vital for a slung upholstered chair, for longevity in a workplace environment.”




  • Vegan leather upholstery, with branded horizontal detail
  • Chrome or Black powder coated cast aluminium backrest frame design
  • Mechanism – tilting with locking function for upright position
  • Base – Chrome or Black powder coated
  • Castors – twin wheel



  • LIFETIME comprehensive guarantee
  • DURABILITY manufactured to exceed international strength and durability standards.
  • Occupant load rating for commercial or office use up to 140kg.


Explore the rest of our boardroom chairs on the link below:


Or directly give a call to our business development manager, Tariq at 0438 789 271 and he’d be happy to assist you asap.

You may also explore our Projects Page to see various boardroom designs, for your inspiration.

Suggestions on How to Match Chairs with Office Desks & Tables

1) Task chairs

When designing a desk area in an office, one big factor when matching a chair with a desk is its colour. We recommend that the colours be complimentary in order to avoid the whole area looking disorganised and mismatched.

As seen in the project photos below, all of the dark task chairs have been paired with either a white desk or a light coloured one. The dark and the light shade perfectly look good together.

Photo Courtesy of Intermain, Steve Scalone and Sheldon

2) Boardroom chairs

Aside from the colour, the size is also an important factor that we strongly look at when matching chairs with tables. In the examples below, you will see small and large meeting areas with different chair options.

Larger boardroom areas would normally have larger and more comfortable chairs for longer seating periods.

Photo Courtesy of Sheldon, Corporate Living and Steve Scalone

For smaller meeting rooms, the Italian collection chairs are normally used as it is more compact for shorter meeting times.

Photo Courtesy of Icon Interiors and Intermain

3) Breakout chairs

Apart from colour and size, another thing that we consider as crucial when matching chairs with desks and tables would be the material.

A good example of this would be the selection of a chair’s material to ensure that it won’t damage the floor. For instance, if the flooring is made of wood, carpet, concrete, vinyl etc.

 Photo Courtesy of Icon Interiors and Axiom Workplaces

A case in point would be our custom ottomans which the material of the fabric was handpicked by our clients to make sure it went well with their overall design.

Photo Courtesy of Contour Interiors and Vantage Fitouts


For enquiries, reach out to or give us a call at 03 9020 7299.

Unique Fitout Ideas for Big & Small Offices

Over the last decade of providing chairs to various fitout companies and interior designers, we have learned a lot about the different designs and styles in the fitout industry.

From small spaces such as reception areas and meeting rooms, to big spaces such as training rooms and full commercial office spaces, we’ve uncovered ideas and tips that may help you with your next commercial office fitout project.

Check out this list to help spark some inspiration for your next commercial/ office fitout design.

Idea #1: Begin with plotting office essentials

One of the first things that designers work on is the client’s office inclusions. In other words, what are the essential office “must-haves”? These essential items could be different for every office, so it is ideal to engage with the team during this part of the process.

From observation, we’ve noticed the following office essentials from our clients’ projects:

Marcus Oldham College required stackable chairs so that students can easily move them around.

In photo: upholstered Laugh chairs, fitout by 3iD Architecture

Similar to this, Jason Real Estate needed a lightweight and stackable chair as well for their small meeting rooms so that associates can easily interact with each other.

In photo: woodgrain Laugh chairs, fitout by Icon Interiors


Idea #2: Utilising natural light

We’ve heard this over and over, and this could probably be one of the most basic design ideas, but we still think that utilising natural light where possible is worth mentioning. By doing so, you get to create a clear, bright, and neat workplace and at the same time save on extra lighting and electricity. You get to save on space too since we get to avoid free standing lights.

A good example of this would be Central Steel Build’s office which was fitted out by Inscape Interiors. Both the reception area and training room area just looks bright and lights up the mood right away, creating an encouraging and productive atmosphere.

In photo: custom ottomans and custom Italian collection         

 In photo: PP Laugh chairs with seat pad

Idea #3: Incorporate brand colours

An office is a company’s structural representation safe haven. It’s where breakthrough ideas are made! What better way to inspire brand love than by incorporating your brand colours. We’ve seen how big corporations do it in a way that you can too.

Check out Mars Australia’s North Sydney office which was fitted out by Inscape Interiors. We’re all familiar with Mars’ brands and a caramel-coloured chair looks like very fitting.

In photo: Orange PP Laugh chairs in white frame


Idea #4: Add fun & quirky elements

In today’s time, more and more companies are seeing the importance of an office culture that’s fun and playful. This is because a culture that cultivates this helps employees relax at work and boost their productivity and creativity. A fun space even promotes employee retention and brand love.

For inspiration, check out Clinics by Design’s latest fitout: the Speech Ease Pathology Centre. The whole space is just so inviting! We love the colours, fun shapes, and printed carpet.

In photo: Green PP Laugh chairs with seat pad


Idea #5: Choosing sustainable furniture

We know that there are a thousand options available out there where you can get desks, chairs, and supplies for your project. But a good way to drill down your options would be your consideration for sustainable furniture. A way of doing this is investing in high quality chairs that can last for years. At Capisco, all of our chairs are guaranteed to last which is why we also offer a lifetime warranty. Instead of throwing a chair, if it can be maintained and repaired when needed, we’ll be here to help.

In photo: Storm chairs       

In photo: Tan Rhythm chairs


Want more ideas, tips and even chair options for your commercial/ office fitout design? Feel free to reach out to us at +03 9020 7299 or send us an enquiry on this link.

How to give your office some TLC

Fitouts, architects and interior designers are seen as the design and construction experts. From start to finish, their priority is to execute the whole project as planned, even up to the tiniest bit of detail.

They like things to be presentable and, they’re all about keeping things good as new and long-lasting as possible. With this in mind, here are 3 TLC (tender loving care) office tips that fitouts can impart to their clients.

Tip #1: Know about these big chair NO-NOs

  • Relying on your chair’s armrests for support every time you stand up can break them. Armrests aren’t meant to withstand a lot of pressure so it’s best to use it just for resting the arms.
  • Bumping your chair against your desk. You can prevent this by ensuring that your chair has the right height.
  • Fiddling with the adjustments and buttons. If you’re not sure about how the adjustments work, ask. There are manuals and video tutorials that you can refer to in order to avoid any damage to the screws and functions.
  • Overlooking your office floor. Prevent floor damage by reviewing in advance your chair’s castors and floor surface. Inexpensive chairs often have hard plastic wheels resulting in damaged floor surfaces. Chair manufacturers like ourselves can help you solve this. We provide purpose specified castor options – either soft or hard tyred, or black or chrome finish to help protect your floor from getting damaged.

Tip #2: Placement is key

Keep your drinks away from your equipment as much as possible. Significant damage can happen if spillage occurs on your computer, keyboard and sockets.

Where equipment is placed in the office is vital. If it does not have enough space, it can overheat. If it’s close to the sink, it can cause electric shocks and power outages.



Tip #3: Regular cleaning

After fitouts and designers have done their job in completing the design of a workplace, the next challenge is now keeping it neat. After all, a clean working environment is key to making an office space long-lasting.

Now that you know these simple tips, feel free to explore our wide range of chairs that can suit your fitout needs.


Have a look at our products page now for great chair options or feel free to contact Tariq at or call at 0438 789 271.

Breaking down the Laugh Chair

By definition, the word “laugh” means: the spontaneous sounds and movements one makes that are instinctive expressions of lively amusement. With that in mind, the Laugh Chair came about with the idea of creating a chair that can be enjoyed in any space!

With so many different options, deciding on what kind of Laugh Chair you may need for your design can be overwhelming. As a result of this, we have broken it down for you in four easy steps of how to design your Laugh Chair.

PP vs Upholstered Shell

First thing’s first, what chair environment will the Laugh Chair be used in?

PP Shell: Mars Australia by Inscape Projects

Projects Upholstered: Optometry Australia by Incorporate Design







If you’re into an easy maintenance chair, go with the basics – the PP (polypropylene). It’s wipeable, easily stacked, and usually meant for waiting rooms that don’t require long periods of sitting. In fact, the Laugh in PP has been widely used in schools, cafeterias, and conference areas.

On the other hand, upholstered Laugh Chairs are mostly used for medical settings and training rooms where it’s left as is and aren’t really stacked after every use. Since it is upholstered, they are more comfortable for long periods of sitting, more suited than the PP shell chairs.


Now that you’ve figured out the shell, we move on to the chair’s frame. For the frame there are two key things to think about – armrests or no armrests, and the frame’s colour.

With armrests: Fitout at Central Steel Build

No armrests: Fitout at Central Steel Build

First, deciding whether you’ll be having the Laugh Chair with arm rests or not is really a matter of preference, purpose, and design.


Based on our experience with our clients, we’ve noticed that chairs used for medical areas usually require armrests for the purpose of assisting the occupant in lifting themselves up. Other types of settings such as universities, offices and homes don’t usually require armrests. It can also depend on how the look of the chair fits with your design.

Second, you could either go for the standard powder coat frame colours or go for a chrome frame. Our standard black ones have been very popular because of its classic look that mostly fit various interior designs.

We also provide custom frames to personally suit the chair you’re after. Feel free to reach out to Tariq for any assistance.


Do you prefer the look and functionality of a sled based or a four-leg based Laugh Chair? That is the question. The standard sled frame is popular for its simple look and ability to glide smoothly, which protects your floors. They’re also stackable, making Laugh Chairs useful and versatile.

But, if you’re into spicing things up with a four-legged wooden chair, then you can do so as well.


Last but not least, if you’re open to adding a bit more to your Laugh Chair, you can consider adding seat pads for more comfort on the PP shell model, and a Laugh Trolley, for easier storage and transport.

With seat pad: Fitout at Central Steel Build

Laugh Trolley

In summary, the shell, frame, legs and add-ons that you may need are the essential things to think about when building the Laugh Chair of your choice. There may be different elements to it, but when done in a step-by-step manner, it’ll be pretty easy to sort out.


For any assistance, we are here for you. Just reach out to