4 Simple & Beautiful Home Fitout Ideas

Are you currently designing a home? Or are you simply looking for ideas for your next home fitout? Either way, we’re here to help spark some inspiration in you!


While Capisco is mostly known for commercial office fitout designs, our team also has experience working with residential architects and designers. Spaces such as the home office, study area, living room and dining area are among the most important areas to consider in designing a home.


Given this, we’ve listed 4 simple but beautiful design ideas that you can use for your next home fitout.


1) Executive Style Office

Working from home has become more prevalent, especially these last 2 years. As a result of this, a lot of work-from-home employees have invested on creating a comfortable and productive commercial office fitout designs.

We highly recommend an executive style-looking home office. What you’ll need are dominant dark tones around the room in order to give off a very luxurious and classic overall feel. A modern sleek desk partnered with our Rhythm chair would be the perfect combination.

This photo is courtesy of Home Tree Atlas

Our Rhythm chairs are available in various genuine leather options: black, tan, navy blue and olive green.


2) Double Desk Style

Plotting a work from home or home study area can sometimes be space consuming. That is why a good way to utilise your home is through an L-shaped desk area or a face-to-face desk. The goal for this commercial office fitout designs is to accommodate 2 users in your office without it seeming too crowded and messy.

In order to maintain space, our Italian collection chairs are the perfect range for this kind of design. The Italian collection is an elegant chair, that can suit both an adult and a child for your office and study. It’s space saving, robust and can come in different styles, depending on the look you’re after.

This photo is courtesy of Lushome and Skylab

3) Minimalist and modern dining

Without a doubt, the dining area is one of the most crucial spaces in any home. It’s where everyone in the household come together and it sets the tone every time there’s food on the table. That is why you can never go wrong with a minimalist and modern design. Having either a round or rectangular neutral table will go well with a neat and sturdy Laugh chair. You can be creative with the colour of your dining chairs as long as it complements the overall palette of your home.

This photo is courtesy of Nexus Designs                  
(Note that these are not our Laugh chairs but are exact lookalikes)


4) Vintage and Rustic office space

If you are working on a fitout for someone who runs their business from home, then being extra creative is a must. After all, they spend most of their time in that space and will need as much inspiration as they can. A vintage and rustic design is a good way to go! Mixing up different shades of wood plus leather colours are just what you need.

For the final look, pair your vintage desk with our newly released Bronze vegan leather Soul chair to give off that boss executive chair feel.

This photo is courtesy of W Design Collective


For more chair options for your commercial or residential fitout, feel free to browse through our full range on the link below:


You can also reach out to tariq@capiscofitoutseating.com.au to request for our pricelist or inquire about our chairs.