Unique Fitout Ideas for Big & Small Offices

Over the last decade of providing chairs to various fitout companies and interior designers, we have learned a lot about the different designs and styles in the fitout industry.

From small spaces such as reception areas and meeting rooms, to big spaces such as training rooms and full commercial office spaces, we’ve uncovered ideas and tips that may help you with your next commercial office fitout project.

Check out this list to help spark some inspiration for your next commercial/ office fitout design.

Idea #1: Begin with plotting office essentials

One of the first things that designers work on is the client’s office inclusions. In other words, what are the essential office “must-haves”? These essential items could be different for every office, so it is ideal to engage with the team during this part of the process.

From observation, we’ve noticed the following office essentials from our clients’ projects:

Marcus Oldham College required stackable chairs so that students can easily move them around.

In photo: upholstered Laugh chairs, fitout by 3iD Architecture

Similar to this, Jason Real Estate needed a lightweight and stackable chair as well for their small meeting rooms so that associates can easily interact with each other.

In photo: woodgrain Laugh chairs, fitout by Icon Interiors


Idea #2: Utilising natural light

We’ve heard this over and over, and this could probably be one of the most basic design ideas, but we still think that utilising natural light where possible is worth mentioning. By doing so, you get to create a clear, bright, and neat workplace and at the same time save on extra lighting and electricity. You get to save on space too since we get to avoid free standing lights.

A good example of this would be Central Steel Build’s office which was fitted out by Inscape Interiors. Both the reception area and training room area just looks bright and lights up the mood right away, creating an encouraging and productive atmosphere.

In photo: custom ottomans and custom Italian collection         

 In photo: PP Laugh chairs with seat pad

Idea #3: Incorporate brand colours

An office is a company’s structural representation safe haven. It’s where breakthrough ideas are made! What better way to inspire brand love than by incorporating your brand colours. We’ve seen how big corporations do it in a way that you can too.

Check out Mars Australia’s North Sydney office which was fitted out by Inscape Interiors. We’re all familiar with Mars’ brands and a caramel-coloured chair looks like very fitting.

In photo: Orange PP Laugh chairs in white frame


Idea #4: Add fun & quirky elements

In today’s time, more and more companies are seeing the importance of an office culture that’s fun and playful. This is because a culture that cultivates this helps employees relax at work and boost their productivity and creativity. A fun space even promotes employee retention and brand love.

For inspiration, check out Clinics by Design’s latest fitout: the Speech Ease Pathology Centre. The whole space is just so inviting! We love the colours, fun shapes, and printed carpet.

In photo: Green PP Laugh chairs with seat pad


Idea #5: Choosing sustainable furniture

We know that there are a thousand options available out there where you can get desks, chairs, and supplies for your project. But a good way to drill down your options would be your consideration for sustainable furniture. A way of doing this is investing in high quality chairs that can last for years. At Capisco, all of our chairs are guaranteed to last which is why we also offer a lifetime warranty. Instead of throwing a chair, if it can be maintained and repaired when needed, we’ll be here to help.

In photo: Storm chairs       

In photo: Tan Rhythm chairs


Want more ideas, tips and even chair options for your commercial/ office fitout design? Feel free to reach out to us at +03 9020 7299 or send us an enquiry on this link.