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How to give your office some TLC

Fitouts, architects and interior designers are seen as the design and construction experts. From start to finish, their priority is to execute the whole project as planned, even up to the tiniest bit of detail.

They like things to be presentable and, they’re all about keeping things good as new and long-lasting as possible. With this in mind, here are 3 TLC (tender loving care) office tips that fitouts can impart to their clients.

Tip #1: Know about these big chair NO-NOs

  • Relying on your chair’s armrests for support every time you stand up can break them. Armrests aren’t meant to withstand a lot of pressure so it’s best to use it just for resting the arms.
  • Bumping your chair against your desk. You can prevent this by ensuring that your chair has the right height.
  • Fiddling with the adjustments and buttons. If you’re not sure about how the adjustments work, ask. There are manuals and video tutorials that you can refer to in order to avoid any damage to the screws and functions.
  • Overlooking your office floor. Prevent floor damage by reviewing in advance your chair’s castors and floor surface. Inexpensive chairs often have hard plastic wheels resulting in damaged floor surfaces. Chair manufacturers like ourselves can help you solve this. We provide purpose specified castor options – either soft or hard tyred, or black or chrome finish to help protect your floor from getting damaged.

Tip #2: Placement is key

Keep your drinks away from your equipment as much as possible. Significant damage can happen if spillage occurs on your computer, keyboard and sockets.

Where equipment is placed in the office is vital. If it does not have enough space, it can overheat. If it’s close to the sink, it can cause electric shocks and power outages.



Tip #3: Regular cleaning

After fitouts and designers have done their job in completing the design of a workplace, the next challenge is now keeping it neat. After all, a clean working environment is key to making an office space long-lasting.

Now that you know these simple tips, feel free to explore our wide range of chairs that can suit your fitout needs.


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