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An eventful rainy trip to Sydney

Tariq’s first visit in Sydney as Capisco’s business development manager was one for the books, showing his resilient and positive attitude during the whole trip.

Bring on the rain

Tariq booked an evening flight from Melbourne to Sydney on Sunday the 21st of March where he arrived a few minutes before midnight. Unfortunately, to his surprise, that was at the same time when Sydney was having some days of its heaviest rainfall. It was raining so hard, and, with no umbrella on hand, he had to run under the cold rain (poor Tariq!!!).


Hotel turned into a cosy couch 😂

But wait, there’s more!

After running to his hotel a few blocks from where the closest car park was, no one was around to welcome and even let him in. The worst part was that he couldn’t even contact anyone who was working at the hotel. Tariq ended up staying over at a friend’s house — in a very comfy couch.

But on a brighter note, he’s still pretty lucky that someone picked up the phone and helped him out at one in the morning, or else, he’d be staying the night at the airport.

After a night of surprises, Tariq kept his head high and was very much looking forward to his appointments. Although some cancelled at the last minute, he was still very much optimistic and grateful for all the people he met on his first visit! He was also offered an early flight home at no additional cost which was a great way to end his short and, maybe, bittersweet journey.


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