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Breaking down the Laugh Chair

By definition, the word “laugh” means: the spontaneous sounds and movements one makes that are instinctive expressions of lively amusement. With that in mind, the Laugh Chair came about with the idea of creating a chair that can be enjoyed in any space!

With so many different options, deciding on what kind of Laugh Chair you may need for your design can be overwhelming. As a result of this, we have broken it down for you in four easy steps of how to design your Laugh Chair.

PP vs Upholstered Shell

First thing’s first, what chair environment will the Laugh Chair be used in?

PP Shell: Mars Australia by Inscape Projects

Projects Upholstered: Optometry Australia by Incorporate Design







If you’re into an easy maintenance chair, go with the basics – the PP (polypropylene). It’s wipeable, easily stacked, and usually meant for waiting rooms that don’t require long periods of sitting. In fact, the Laugh in PP has been widely used in schools, cafeterias, and conference areas.

On the other hand, upholstered Laugh Chairs are mostly used for medical settings and training rooms where it’s left as is and aren’t really stacked after every use. Since it is upholstered, they are more comfortable for long periods of sitting, more suited than the PP shell chairs.


Now that you’ve figured out the shell, we move on to the chair’s frame. For the frame there are two key things to think about – armrests or no armrests, and the frame’s colour.

With armrests: Fitout at Central Steel Build

No armrests: Fitout at Central Steel Build

First, deciding whether you’ll be having the Laugh Chair with arm rests or not is really a matter of preference, purpose, and design.


Based on our experience with our clients, we’ve noticed that chairs used for medical areas usually require armrests for the purpose of assisting the occupant in lifting themselves up. Other types of settings such as universities, offices and homes don’t usually require armrests. It can also depend on how the look of the chair fits with your design.

Second, you could either go for the standard powder coat frame colours or go for a chrome frame. Our standard black ones have been very popular because of its classic look that mostly fit various interior designs.

We also provide custom frames to personally suit the chair you’re after. Feel free to reach out to Tariq for any assistance.


Do you prefer the look and functionality of a sled based or a four-leg based Laugh Chair? That is the question. The standard sled frame is popular for its simple look and ability to glide smoothly, which protects your floors. They’re also stackable, making Laugh Chairs useful and versatile.

But, if you’re into spicing things up with a four-legged wooden chair, then you can do so as well.


Last but not least, if you’re open to adding a bit more to your Laugh Chair, you can consider adding seat pads for more comfort on the PP shell model, and a Laugh Trolley, for easier storage and transport.

With seat pad: Fitout at Central Steel Build

Laugh Trolley

In summary, the shell, frame, legs and add-ons that you may need are the essential things to think about when building the Laugh Chair of your choice. There may be different elements to it, but when done in a step-by-step manner, it’ll be pretty easy to sort out.


For any assistance, we are here for you. Just reach out to