Suggestions on How to Match Chairs with Office Desks & Tables

1) Task chairs

When designing a desk area in an office, one big factor when matching a chair with a desk is its colour. We recommend that the colours be complimentary in order to avoid the whole area looking disorganised and mismatched.

As seen in the project photos below, all of the dark task chairs have been paired with either a white desk or a light coloured one. The dark and the light shade perfectly look good together.

Photo Courtesy of Intermain, Steve Scalone and Sheldon

2) Boardroom chairs

Aside from the colour, the size is also an important factor that we strongly look at when matching chairs with tables. In the examples below, you will see small and large meeting areas with different chair options.

Larger boardroom areas would normally have larger and more comfortable chairs for longer seating periods.

Photo Courtesy of Sheldon, Corporate Living and Steve Scalone

For smaller meeting rooms, the Italian collection chairs are normally used as it is more compact for shorter meeting times.

Photo Courtesy of Icon Interiors and Intermain

3) Breakout chairs

Apart from colour and size, another thing that we consider as crucial when matching chairs with desks and tables would be the material.

A good example of this would be the selection of a chair’s material to ensure that it won’t damage the floor. For instance, if the flooring is made of wood, carpet, concrete, vinyl etc.

 Photo Courtesy of Icon Interiors and Axiom Workplaces

A case in point would be our custom ottomans which the material of the fabric was handpicked by our clients to make sure it went well with their overall design.

Photo Courtesy of Contour Interiors and Vantage Fitouts


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