Get to know our House Fabrics

While it has been highlighted that Capisco Fitout Seating offers custom upholstery services to office fitouts and office fitout furniture designers, it is still vital and important to familiarise yourself with our wide range of house fabrics.

Our house fabrics come in various colours and material types to cater to the office fitout design and office fitout furniture you’re after. We have chosen these colours due to their popularity and how they blend well in common workplace environments.

Mesh & Task Seating

It is available in a standard fabric upholstery.

It really is a matter of preference and design, but our Black seat upholstery is the most popular one. Most fitouts prefer this over other colours because it is easy to maintain and goes well with other colours used in the whole fitout.

Boardroom Seating

The Rhythm chair is commonly used in executive boardrooms and meeting rooms. Specific to the Rhythm Chair, you can go with the below cowhide leather standard colours:

1) Cowhide leather

    • Black
    • Tan
    • Navy Blue
    • Olive Green


On the other hand, the Italian collection is popular for meeting rooms where associates can have brief 1–2-hour meetings and huddles. For this chair, you have the following standard options:

1) Warwick

    • Warwick Augustus Armour
    • Warwick Augustus Wolf

2) Cowhide leather

    • Tan
    • Olive Green

3) Vegan Leather

    • Black

4) PP Shell

    • Black
    • Milky White
    • Cool Gray
    • 7502C
    • 502C
    • 559C


Waiting Room Chairs

Laugh chairs are mostly used for training, conference and waiting rooms. Specific to the Laugh chairs, you can have it in:

1) PP Shell

    • White
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Black


2) Woodgrain shell

3) Black upholstered shell

For the ottomans, it is readily available in the following standard colours:

    • Blue fabric
    • Grey fabric
    •  Green fabric


We hope this quick rundown was helpful. Remember not to restrict yourselves with these colours and fabric options! We have no limitations when it comes to custom upholstery. All of our chairs are suitable for office fitouts and are a guaranteed furniture investment.


You can either reach out to us for a specific material/ colour that you’re after and we’ll help you find the right fabric, or you can easily send us the fabric you have in mind, and we’ll go from there.

Capisco Fitout seating offers various chair types to suit the needs of interior designers and fitouts.

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