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Does Office Design Really Impact a Company’s Culture?

Business Culture is becoming more and more important and while it has been hard to measure and develop this year, with 2021 approaching there is no better time to assess how a new office design or Fitout could help to improve business culture as employees begin the return to offices.


Times are changing

Office uses are evolving into more than just providing tools and spaces in which employees complete tasks. Offices are now a space that draw people together through collaborative meeting rooms while seeking to attract and retain staff by creating a sense of community and belongingness while allowing for effective communication.

Office design can work to maximise natural light, incorporate fitness facilities or even implement dynamic work settings to allow for more informal lunch meetings. In fact, check out this lunch meeting area where colleagues can go around tables to better connect with each other.

In photo: Laugh chairs – they’re stackable & lightweight, great for drawing colleagues together


Employee collaboration and input

Collaborative environments and workspaces are all the rage at the moment as ‘many hands make light work’ which helps to boost productivity but, more importantly it creates a more inclusive and knowledge-seeking space. For example, a new colleague of yours, who, at first was unsure about how to connect with the rest of the team is now, due to an open-plan office design, is surrounded by an environment where ideas and opinions are nurtured and welcomed.

Encouraging participation and seeking advice from workers over something as simple as selecting an office chair allows you to build the motivation levels of the employees by nurturing an environment in which everyone can express their thoughts and opinions.

In photo: Rhythm chairs featured in a collaborative meeting space


Whether it be brand specific colours or simply bright and vibrant choices, having colour throughout an office through paintings, chairs or other furniture is so important. Brand colours or logos can aid in creating a unique environment that builds a long-term impression on both employees and visitors.

Colours can also be beneficial in terms of productivity in the office. Colours helps to stimulate the mind to allow for greater creativity and motivation both of which help a business to improve efficiency and innovation. For example, ‘orange’ stimulates concentration and ‘blue’ promotes calmness making it a popular combination for office design.

Our team can provide a variety of fabric colour options to match any colour you have in mind for an upcoming project. Better yet, we also customise chairs to suit the fabric of your choice helping to make every office unique.


We hope these ways inspire you to enhance a company’s culture by designing a collaborative, dynamic and vibrant workspace with our custom upholstery and various colour options helping to create any vision you have.