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Home Office Design Ideas to Keep You Productive All Day Long

With working from home being part of today’s “new normal,” Capisco is here to share some ideas on how to spice up your home office to keep you inspired and creative throughout the day.

On top of that, we’ll recommend the perfect chair for your office space design.

Office Idea #1: Minimalist & Clean

For the person who thrives on a peaceful and uncluttered space, this is the office design for you. The monochromatic tones and soft lighting serve as a blank canvas for all your creative and day-to-day work. Perfect for your minimalist and clean office is the white Italian Chair with a four-timber leg frame.  There is also an option for a seat pad to provide extra comfort.

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Office Idea #2: Pop of colour

For the one who gets inspiration and energy from being surrounded by colour, this might be the right workspace for you. You might be the type of person who sees ideas, images, and words through different objects and colours. In that case, bringing those into your office may be the best thing to happen for your productivity and creativity. Check out our newly released Olive Green Rhythm Chairs – they might be colour you’re looking for.  We also have navy, grey, brown, black and tan leather.

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Office Idea #3: Modern & Futuristic

For the modern and fresh mind, this is the office look might be the one you need. It’s amazing what can happen when form and function come together — very useful, but satisfying to look at as well. If this is the type of look for your productivity, then might we just suggest the Woodgrain Laugh Chair that’s perfect for the space.  There is an option for a black seat pad for extra comfort.

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Office Idea #4: Vintage Feels

If you’re feeling nostalgic and would like a vintage-looking home office, the use of rustic furniture could help you achieve that look. You could explore purchasing real vintage items from op-shops & vintage stores. Moreover, warm tones and colours would look great in this kind of setting so our Tan Italian Stitched Chairs would be perfect. Adding neutral tones such as whites and creams around the office also helps bring out the vintage vibes.

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 Office Idea #5: Office with A View

Imagine working with a view! Just sitting in front of a beach, a garden, or a mountain – that would be the dream. But you could also station your desk in front of lush greenery and that would be just as relaxing. Adding furniture that matches & complements your chosen view is important to achieve that overall office look you are aiming for. Our white Memory stitched could be a great option for your office with a view.

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