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3 Things To Consider When Setting Up a Meeting Room

A meeting room or a boardroom area is vital in any organisation because it is where the exchange of creative ideas happen. Meeting spaces provide an area for discussion of important topics and also accommodate different kinds of gatherings.

We’ve put up 3 things to consider when designing your meeting and conference room.

#1: Table Selection

It’s best to figure out what kind of table to choose for your workplace. When deciding on the size, shape and colour of your boardroom table, it’s good to take a step back and reflect on what will work best for your employees. If that space will be used for small gatherings, you can go for a round table. Or if the space will mostly be for large meetings and client presentations, a long table may be the best option for you.

Small Meeting Area

Large Meeting Area

Photo sources: Bluescope & Teacher’s Mutual Bank


#2: Meeting Space Theme

When designing your meeting area, the overall feel of the space you are creating is important. This will help bring out what kind of energy you want your meetings to have. Some examples of this could be— a fun, modern, creative theme.




Photo source: Thinktank & Sculptform studio (Photo by Steve Scalone)

#3: Having Natural Light

Being able to produce natural light can greatly transform the total look and feel of any space. It helps keep your meeting area comfortable and at the same time it is able to lift one’s mood.

As a result of this, designing your space with as much sunlight could boost creativity and productivity among your employees. 

Wide Window in a Meeting Space

Full length window in a meeting space

Photo source: Vantage Fitouts and a perth boardroom

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