3 Reasons Why You Need Breakout Spaces in your Office

Most offices are usually prone to feel dull, stifling, and look a bit too serious. This is a big problem given that people are in these spaces for many hours on many days every week. That’s why, nowadays, companies are starting to explore and constantly look for ways to make their workspace fun, inviting, and stimulating. Interior designers and fitout companies are making it a point to create fresh and unique designs to satisfy these needs.

Here are 3 reasons why you need breakout spaces to make your office a little bit more interesting and exciting.

1) It encourages productivity.

Being surrounded by dingy lighting, isolating cubicles, and monotonous colours, more often than not, makes it hard for someone to become productive because their workspace gives off a low mood.

Luckily, there are ways to add some inspiration and fun to your workspace which can foster an environment of productivity. With the help of Capisco, designers can make use of the podspaces and ottoman chairs for breakout areas, where employees can relax, eat, and have informal meetings. Breakout areas in offices are known to boost health, creativity, and reason #2…

2) It promotes collaboration and teamwork.

Unconventional and unique workplaces can create an atmosphere of collaboration between colleagues when they’re surrounded by an open and positive space. With these kinds of spaces, people can come together, bounce off ideas with one other and be able to make business decisions as a team. Some good inspirations for spaces like these are Capisco’s Italian chair collection and the Laugh chair collection, which are definitely not your usual office chairs.

3) Because … why not? It’s easy and can be done at a reasonable price.

Creating breakout spaces usually entail extra cost. But there are ways of creating these spaces at a reasonable price. Capisco gives you the freedom to choose the type and colour of the chairs that you want to put in your space in order to achieve that unique look at a good price. As an example, Capisco’s Wing chairs look absolutely fresh and new to the eyes. Designers can then complement them with other elements, such as lighting and other type of furniture, to complete the breakout space.


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