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The Ottoman: More Than A Chair

Dating back to the 18th century, the ottomans became popular for its wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and functions. Contrary to popular knowledge, ottomans, aside from being used as chairs and footstools, can also be used as storage spaces.

Let’s dive in further as we share how ottomans are meant to be more than chairs.


A simple ottoman added to a room can do so much. It can add contrast to your walls, as well as texture and shape. For instance, placing a couple of ottomans in a meeting room or a canteen can give the space a more sophisticated design.

As a footrest

Take a seat on your chair, then rest your legs on an ottoman. This will surely make your ottoman experience a whole lot better.

Ottomans are perfect complements to all kinds of chairs. It can turn your normal seating into a relaxing experience.


Ottomans can be used as storage, helping declutter and minimize mess in a room. You can put different things like pens and notepads, markers, cords, and remote controls inside them. Doing so can tidy up the space and keep activities such as meetings and brainstorming sessions running smooth and efficient.

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